If you are pregnant and seeking midwifery care, please register on the provincial waitlist. When you register, you will be asked to choose which practices you allow to see your application. We recommend that you select all the practices in your area. The waitlist also gives the opportunity to choose up to two preferred practices.

If you are interested in JoySpring specifically, please also fill out our questionnaire. Once you have sent your questionnaire, you will hear from us only if we are able to take you into care. You are welcome to contact us from time to time to check regarding possible new openings.

Alberta Health Services currently places restrictions both on how many women can receive funded midwifery services per year (April 1 – March 31) and on how many funded openings each midwifery practice is allocated. Because of funding shortfalls, JoySpring cannot provide government funded care to everyone who applies. Families who want to pay privately for midwifery care are invited to contact our office for additional information. Please be advised that because of midwives’ scheduling capacity, JoySpring cannot necessarily accommodate each family who applies for a privately paid opening.

If you do not hear back regarding a midwifery opening, you should begin seeking care with a physician before the end of your first trimester. Family physicians who deliver babies are a good choice for maternity care because most women do not require the specialized care of an obstetrician. Sometimes extra funding or unexpected openings become available and switching care from a physician to a midwife later in your pregnancy is a straightforward process. You can always check in with us and other midwifery practices from time to time to let us know you are still interested in midwifery care.