After completing a B.A. and a B.Sc at the University of Calgary, Brittany worked briefly in the oil and gas industry. The field was analytically interesting, but it was Brittany’s community activities serving individuals and familes that brought her the most joy. Brittany’s studies in anatomy and physiology had impressed on her a deep sense of wonder at how amazing the human body is, so she decided to find a profession that combined her interests.

When Brittany encountered midwifery and began to learn about the values and philosophy underpinning the profession, she was sure she had found her home. Brittany has children of her own, and she has learned how incredibly important and powerful the experiences of pregnancy, childbirth, and becoming a mother are in a woman’s life. She loves how midwifery acknowledges the significance of these experiences and she believes strongly in the importance of women being supported in making informed decisions about their lives, their bodies, and their care. Brittany realizes that midwives have important expertise, but in order to provide the best care, the midwife needs to partner with a woman’s personal expertise about her body, life, values, and priorities.

Brittany feels blessed to have been able to pursue the path of midwifery and has great support from her incredible family. Brittany and her husband, Nomi, are raising two wonderful children – a son and a daugher who couldn’t be more different from each other! Brittany and her family love eating ice cream cones on hot summer days and snuggling up for movie nights when it’s cold outside – and, no matter the weather, they all look forward to trying new activities and new adventures together.