Cathy Harness

About Cathy

Cathy’s passion for midwifery was ignited in 1982, the year she gave birth to her fourth baby at home under the watchful care of dedicated midwives. Determined to become a midwife herself, the goal came to fruition a decade later when women from her wider community began asking Cathy to be their midwife.

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Laura Johnson

About Laura

Laura’s decision to become a midwife originated in an unexpected place! While working as a dental assistant in Edmonton, she saw firsthand the importance of providing individualized care to families and the value of enabling them to make informed decisions about their own health.

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Brittany Ahmad

About Brittany

After completing a B.A. and a B.Sc at the University of Calgary, Brittany worked briefly in the oil and gas industry. The field was analytically interesting, but it was Brittany’s community activities serving individuals and familes that brought her the most joy. Brittany’s studies in anatomy and physiology had impressed on her a deep sense of wonder at how amazing the human body is

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